Terms of Service

This is the step to create a Blog on HTM.WIKI.
Blog creation is free.
This blog is created on the W3AMP platform, does not use SQL technology, so the resource consumption is minimal; serving the main needs of publishing articles in the field of literature and art; By default, there are no ads.

There is a lot of specialized software built on this W3AMP platform.

Blog can be upgraded to one of the dedicated software easily.
When an upgrade is performed, the website owner will agree to an additional agreement when upgrading.

Blog owner (website, software) will be responsible for all legal responsibilities,... related to the content of articles contained on his website.
We (and our partners) are the infrastructure and platform service providers to have websites, blogs, and are not responsible for any content related to the content contained on the Blogs and Websites.
In some cases with feedback from the community, we have the right to temporarily lock or revoke the allocated address and not compensate for all damages (if any). We will always support website owners (software systems), retrieving old data, articles from backed up data files.

Although "all source code, configuration" is owned by us; only the generated data is under the authority of the website owner, but: we allow users to take full backups (including code and data) so that users can run it on their local computer.

This software will be continuously upgraded to optimize or add necessary functions. These software terms are subject to revision.
If your website does not comply with the new regulations anymore, we recommend that you create your own domain name, register for hosting, then make a backup and restore that backup on the website system. your new website (then your new website will not be governed by the terms of this website).