Terms and regulations of website htm.wiki

A. About htm.wiki, referred to as "we"

HTM.WIKi is a place for people to create blogs, the source code of these blogs and HTM.WIKi are created by W3AMP.COM.
Both W3AMP and HTM.WIKi are made by Quang Huy. Its source code is widely shared, helping users feel independent from the system developer.
Content on sites such as https://*.htm.wiki belongs to guest blogs and is not "our" responsibility.

B. General overview of safety & sustainable development

Content from sites like https://*.htm.wiki/* all use the same source code of W3AMP.com (AMP.dev). According to this standard, no javascript code can pose a risk to the accessing device.
Admins have tools to check the validity of each post before sharing it widely.
Visitors should also install the Valid-AMP function on their browser to feel safe when accessing.
Blog administrators also have the right to back up their data, update the latest source code, copy it to their home computer or to a separate hosting to run the website again, then the administrator can access and retrieve it. blog posts. posts.
Thus, visitors and website administrators alike can understand the safety of using the service with *htm.wiki*.

C. About the content and services provided

Articles and services under subdomains of HTM.WIKi are under the authority and responsibility of that subdomain administrator.
The content on those subdomain pages is not related to this https://htm.wiki page.

D. Responsibility

It is our responsibility to regularly receive feedback on software functionality, transmission and storage systems to troubleshoot technical issues from customers of https://htm.wiki and all other websites belongs to the subdomain. Essentially, the administrators of those sites have separate agreements with visitors to their sites, and the administrators also agree to a quality of service agreement with htm.wiki. Therefore, we (htm.wiki) do not accept any liability for the content and services provided from those subdomain pages.

We always create conditions for people to create good, quality, safe and beneficial content for visitors. If you discover an article that goes against this goal, you should send feedback to support@htm.wiki. We will notify the administrator of each relevant website for review and adjustment.

E. Adjustment

In the near future, there may be adjustments and additions to suit the new situation. Those additions will be updated here to apply. Such updates cannot be announced in advance.

Written by: Owner of domain htm.wiki - Nguyen Quang Huy
At: 11:50 a.m., October 2, 2023
ITUSA Co., Ltd. headquarters
80/2 Van Hanh, Da Lat City, Lam Dong, Vietnam.