Admin Panel URL of website, Blog using HTM.WIKI

Links to access the admin pages of websites and blogs using the platform.
If your site uses the W3AMP platform, the admin page address will be:
  • domain/admin
  • or domain/admin/
  • or domain/index.php? site=admin
  • Examples:
    If your site is, the admin page address will be

    What's behind this login page?
    Is that what you're thinking!

    First of all, let me tell you that the functions contained within this admin page are designed and built in a playful state, free from the pressure of money; by a person with a lot of experience about online and offline and website technology.
    This is definitely not bragging, but we want to share our pride in it.
    Based on the actual needs in line with the current era, we build tools that are just enough, not redundant; according to the criteria of durability, ease of maintenance. Inside there are many hidden functions, when you need to touch it, it will appear. For example: Blog W3AMP is mainly for writing literature, poetry, music... but if you check the box Online-Store, then: input box price, currency, inventory, discount code system, order management, for customers to order..etc. will appear automatically (by default, such things will be hidden).
    And more importantly, the source code is safe because there are not many people involved (without any backdoors to risk. ). And if one day I'm busy,.. no longer supporting this code, the site will stay safe forever...
    We try to protect absolute privacy, hope admin do not worry or doubt when owning our website.

    The site has built-in two-factor authentication when logging in.
    You should enable this mode (at the configuration page - bottom of the page)

    Our way of authentication is through email. Instead of using more modern ways like: SMS, third-party tools... there is a reason for it:
    1. Email is the most basic, available to use. While SMS or otherwise, which may vary by time, territory, etc., disturbs the setup process
    2. I suggest you a convenient experience when using email, because as an administrator, checking email is a regular thing.

    The important thing: always relax

    There are many things you need in a website, for example, a beautiful interface, or other superior functions. Although our resources are limited, we can also recognize that there is much to add or improve. But everything is random. In the meantime, we'll do our best to provide a platform for you to create content and make it available to those in need.
    We also find that waiting for perfection will lose a lot of opportunities. While health, resources, experience and knowledge are limited; Risks and new technologies are always changing.

    Other cases such as servers, transmission lines, hardware failures, or hacker interference... are inevitable. That's beyond our ability, so you should make regular backups just in case.
    Hope the admins always relax, step by step experience and give suggestions to help us improve the product. In case the admin does not regularly use the functions, afraid that entering the admin page will be like a forest: we are always ready to answer and provide specific instructions, where to look up, refer to sample examples.
    Links to access the admin pages of websites and blogs using the platform