How to add PHP code to any page content on website, blog on

The Sample code:
If a page that include PHP files, one data-input will appear on the form.
This data sent to the PHP file as the variable named: "$w3amp_data" and "$thisposturl".

The returned value will be stored in $return_txt, for replacing the "((php))filename.php((php))".
Note: ((php)) is one of the elements in the list: embed content in posts.
Not only for admins to create content with HTML tags; admin can embed a PHP file in the post content easily.
This is what we guarantee for unlimited content creation, even for difficult admins, admins who are PHP programmers.

Example 1

On this link: "".
We will list all the color-pallet codes. Currently, we have about 2800+ records, but in the future we will add more pallets daily by added the color-code to the data area.

Now, Let's step by step

Step 1 : Compose a content with this string inside: ((php))w3ampcolorpallet.php((php))

Choose one color pallet, and apply it to your Blog/website.
On W3AMP Admin system, please access Font & CSS.


Just copy the bottom line, you got the 4 color codes, then paste it in the color-palette-input to change the layout.

Hit the submit button to Save the changes.

Step 2 : I can see an input field name "DATA"

This filed is enable, appeared next to the content-textarea for me to input the data.
My data is a list of string, each line is color code of pallet.
My data sample: #color1 #color2 #color3 #color4, cate-1,..,cate-n

Step 3 : Add code to the PHP file

Download this PHP file? Please Click here
Password unzip: w3amp
Step 5 : Check the final result
We have a page with more than 2800 color-pallets!


Content URL: List of Google Fonts has been integrated into W3AMP
Download :
Password unzip: w3amp