How to connect your website or blog (on to Google Search Console

How to connect Google Search Console to put your web articles on Google search engine
1/ You go to Google search engine, type the keyword site:Yourweb, for example my page is, then I type:
Here's how to find out how many links on your website are getting into search engines. And here, there is usually a link asking you if you are the admin of that site? And suggest you use Google Search Console to put your web link into the Google search engine. And you should visit this link.
2/ If your site is already connected, you can check the health of each link, can submit new articles to the search engine manually quickly.
3/ If your site is not connected yet, declare the domain information, get the connection code, attach that connection code to your website (by pasting the connection code into admin, configuration section, All -header).
After successful connection, you should submit your site map link. It will be sitemap.xml.
4/ In addition, to increase reliability, on the place of generating the code for the robots.txt file, the system has provided a sitemap link for you.

This slide, is a simulation of step 3, connecting your website to the search engine via Google Search Console

  1. First, connect your website with Google Search Console
  2. Choose "URL inspection" of the left-panel of Google Search Console page
  3. Enter the URL from your website to check, using TEST LIVE URL
  4. Your URL will be ready to Index if the result: " URL is available to Google "
  5. Click "REQUEST INDEXING". The URL will available in search engine next day.